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Our Mission

Black on the Job is a magical space, and our hearts are STILL full by yet another day to honor the fight for the worth of the black people in the job market. We are beaming with pride and gratitude. Thank you for always believing in us, showing up and bringing your smiles, your openness to learn, your curiosity, and your amazing energy. To the members of our network- the energy in the room is palpable.
We have always believed in closing the employment gap in the black community hence equipping our clients with the best tools to conquer the employment field. Seamlessly, we have a diverse team of eight jobbees, who are the core foundation of Black on the Job. It is a team that delivers thorough researches and highly exceptional expertise providing tailored solutions for every inquiry; which has, in turn, led to steady growth of more than 45,000 members. With the extension, so has the opportunity to make a remarkable positive impact from alleviating black unemployment to stable job owners, which has always been the thrive. We believe in keeping an eye on the prize, going for what we want, and working hard to prove to ourselves that we could make something happen. Your goals matter to us. Always be the hardest working person in the room and go the extra mile, no one else is willing to go. When they can’t outwork out, you become valuable, then you become invaluable, and that my sweetie, will become your real advantage.

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